Canon Printer

If you receive the message ‘Canon Printer not responding’, then there is an issue with your PC, drivers, or ports. The communication of the computer and printers need to be smooth which might get hindered if you are not using the right ports or drivers. And, the glitches can turn out to be frustrating at times. One can follow the steps given below to get the resolution for the issues.

The basic troubleshooting

Initially one needs to check the connection and make sure that it is proper, and if it is connected through a USB, check that it is inserted properly. And, it might happen that the printer is not working due to a fault in the USB, So try changing the USB and check if it is working or not.

Networking of printer

If you have a network printer then check whether it is properly connected and also the connection status of the Wi-Fi, modem, or the router.


If you are using Windows 10, you need to click on the printer to get the option to run the troubleshooter. Once you click on it, the problem should get resolved and if the issue persists follow the next step.

Print Spooler Restart

The issue may also occur due to problems in the spooler of the device. Open the run box and enter services.msc and search for Print Spooler to restart it.

Configuration of a new port

  • Press the key for Windows and R to get to the Run box
  • Type ‘Control’ and Enter
  • Select ‘Device and Printers’
  • Locate the Canon printer and right-click ‘Printer Properties’, and click ‘Change Properties’
  • Select the option that you are using like, USB, WSD. IP, or Network and click on ‘Apply’

Updating the printer driver

If all these steps are unable to resolve the issue then, check for the updates and update the driver. And, to get any support at any step you can contact on the number given above or get connected with our technical support team.

Common issues of the Printing device of Canon

There are various forms of errors that may occur in the printing device of Canon. We are ready to help the user in all kinds of errors and issues related to the printing device of Canon. Let us have a look at the common errors of the printing device.

  • It may happen that some papers get stuck in the machine.
  • Sometimes certain small pieces of papers also get stuck in the machine.
  • The printer fails to get switched on despite pressing the power button for long.
  • The color of the ink is fade and not bright.
  • Issues also occur related to the quantity of ink to be filled inside the printing device.
  • The placement of the cartridge inside the printer may become tough for a user of the printing device.
  • Despite the presence of ink the printing device of Canon displays the issue of lack of ink inside the printing device.
  • Due to mishandling or manhandling of the printing device, the device may become insensitive to touch commands.
  • It also happens sometimes the printing device fails to get connected with the computer or mobile or any other device of the user.   

Why You Should Choose Us

Easy Accessibility

Unlike other printer support that is tough to access and hardly offers any sort of facilities, we are easy to access at any time and from anywhere. All you need is to dial our number for quick assistance. You can connect with us via phone call. The option of email services is also available to the users of the printing device. In case of quick assistance apart from a phone call one can also connect with us by using the option live chats. Be it day or night the issue will be attended promptly and effectively with easy to implement a solution for the user of the printing device.

Simple And Effective Solution

For a non-technical person, it may become exceedingly difficult to implement a solution that is not easy to follow. We at Canon printer support exactly understand this issue of the clients. Hence we offer both kinds of solutions. Either a user device will be connected to the local server and we will eliminate the issue of the printing device or we will give easy to follow instructions to the users in a step by step process so that the issue gets resolved effectively from the printing device.

Round The Clock Availability

With globalization and high competition of work, it is impossible to grow a business if the resources are not available round the clock. It may happen that you need to print some urgent documents in the middle of the night and your printer is not working all of a sudden. In such a scenario when it would be tough to get the work done from a local cyber café or through some other resource, we are available to help you out of the crisis. The canon printer support is available at round the clock services to facilitate the removal of errors from the printing device effectively at any time of urgent need of the clock. 

User-Friendly And Highly Qualified Staff

We have a team of experienced members who knows how to deal with different kinds of issues effectively to eliminate the errors from the roots effectively to produce long term benefits to the user of the printing device. Not only the members of the team are well qualified but also they have a great experience in resolving the errors of the printing device in an effective manner. The team of technical support of Canon is customer friendly and polite to the users of the printing device. The team understands it well that it may be difficult for certain users to follow the instructions, hence we guide the users of the printing device with great patience and only gives a step at a time. Unless the user has confirmed the completion of the given step the second step is not provided.