How to Troubleshoot Slow Printing Issues on the HP Printer?

Slow printing is a major issue which can slow down the process of your work. You can solve the issue by reducing the quality of print for everyday output, and save ink in the process. This will help to speed-up the performance of your HP printer. Though the settings of printers vary according to models, you can change to the draft-printing mode in most of the applications which windows provide. With some HP printers, you can modify default print quality settings from Normal to Fast by clicking on the screen-shot at the right. Apart from that, you can also speedup the printing process by printing pages from websites which do not have any graphics and then add RAM to your printer.

To Fix Slow Printing Issues on the HP Printer

  • The detailed print takes time to be produced.
  • In the application which you are using, select the option of Print and then choose Properties. Then try to moderate the print quality by using the draft mode, and check if you get the expected results.
  • Make it a point to fit more than one page.
  • The speed of printing not only depends on the amount of text and graphics available on each page, but also page quantity.
  • The time taken for printing can be reduced to half by formatting two pages into a single sheet. In case you want to retain pages of spreadsheets, documents or receipts which may require for reference sometimes.
  • Always use a fast interface. Printer speed directly depends on the connection type, you use to connect with it.
  • If you are using an inkjet, then connecting it with USB 2.0 would be a very wise decision. But in case you are using a network printer, choose the fastest available network connection.
  • While printing information from a specific website, the process may slow down due to graphics and ads.
  • If you want to print a specific page, and then check for a Print link as just with one click you can reformat the page without extras.
  • Graphics can be disabled manually. If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your search engine, you should select Tools, Options and then click on the Content tab. The box needs to be unchecked to ensure that the pages are fixed automatically.

But if you are not having sufficient time to fix the issue on your own, you should choose HP printer support services. These services are available online. Once you contact our experts who provide these services, tell them the issues you are facing in your device. Their technicians will access your device using online remote technology to detect the main cause of the issue. These services are available round the clock, so you can call them up at any time to have your problem resolved.

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