Steps to fix the Issue of Printing Blank Pages in HP Printer

When you are taking a lot of printouts from your HP printer and the papers that received a particular output do not contain any color or black ink. The page is nearly blank with a very small amount of ink.

This problem can be easily solved. It is generally advised that you use the cartridges of original HP for printing. You can as well remove your black HP cartridge and use only the tri-color HP printer cartridge. You should likewise check any empty or defective HP cartridge and replace it. Before, replacing the older HP cartridges with the brand new one and print head is to be cleaned in a proper way.

The solution of printing Blank Pages in HP Printer:

Using the original cartridges of HP:

HP has basically recommended that you use original ink of HP and other supplies for the respective printing. HP printers will not the promise for the refilled cartridges or the non-HP products. You can buy the HP cartridges online or from the retailers of HP.

Step 1: Complete verification of the estimation of the ink level in the HP printer

•           Put the plain colorless paper in quite the paper tray.

•           Press the button that is next to the Setup icon that is in the control panel.

•           Go to the option of tools and press OK button.

•           Choose the Estimated levels of Ink and press OK button.

Step 2: Changing the cartridges of HP Printer

•           Change the old cartridges with the new original HP cartridges.

•           Start the further process after your printer is silent and quite idle.

•           Remove the cartridge from the HP printer by opening the door of the cartridge.

•           Contacts and nozzles are not to be concerned.

•           Plastic tape is to be removed completely.

•           Put the cartridges in the HP printer.

•           Put the plain colorless paper in the tray of input paper.

•           Turn on the HP printer by pressing the button of power.

The solutions that are mentioned in this article will assist you in solving your issues with HP printers. In case, you have some problems then you should contact HP printer support. You can without difficulty connect with them by calling on the HP printer support number. They give round the clock services worldwide.

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